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Data handling

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It's all covered - from CRUD forms through XML.


Fully customizable data objects can be defined to collect, store, select and display structured data in a fully flexible relational model, mapped onto a powerful SQL-based storage engine optimised for web-based transactions.


Many of the field datatypes map directly onto fields in the underlying database, however some of the more complex datatypes are specific to the system, and are designed not just with data storage in mind, but also provide user interface functionality.
Data Field-types
There are not just the "traditional" datatypes like 'Text' and 'Integer', but also larger types like 'File', which accepts an uploaded file, and functionally-loaded ones like 'Product family' and 'Shipping Band'.
The most complex of all is probably the 'Record Link' datatype, which allows you to reference data in another Form, and has a wealth of options controlling the way in which data is loaded and displayed.
By using a Record Link you gain several advantages: The information in the list can be entered by other users, you can manage very long lists easier, 
the information can be queried in richer ways and forms can be cascaded together to allow rapid selection of information (eg selecting a Country first, and then from a list of States within that country).

Data Entry and Editing
The Table component is much more than just a mapping of an underlying SQL table. It includes the ability to control the display of various screens shown to users during the data entry process.
Events: Emails & Status updates
The Table component, at the Events-tab, also includes the ability to define emails (and social media status updates, and other actions) which are sent out when a Table record has been created or edited. There is a great deal of flexibility over who receives the emails, and under what conditions and under what delay conditions. Thus an email might be sent out if a new record is created (as opposed to simply modifying an existing record), and the email might only be sent if fields contain specified values. There is no limit to the number of different emails or other events that can be triggered off the same record-editing event.

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