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In depth

Codeless app development ComponentsApplication Development and website building - without any programming.

Install once

The clearString development engine - called neatComponents - installs onto most standard Windows computers and creates a complete hosting and working environment. This is your machine - it can be in your building or hosted elsewhere or in the Cloud. 

Develop from anywhere - no limits

Once installed on that machine all further development, site creation and configuration is done over the Internet using your regular web browser. There is no local software to install. There are no limits on the number of visitors or developers, records or data transfer

Configure without scripting or coding

Building is then done by the simple drag and drop of ‘components’ – shown as icons and representing different capabilities – which are then configured through easy to understand dialogs.

clearString has fully integrated Database, Application-server and Web services installed from a single download. Components always work - there is no debugging thousands of lines of code, enabling you to concentrate on the application logic and display.  clearString web application development tools write the code and deploy it automatically. You never have to write SQL-queries and debug them - clearString does that for you.  

clearString web application development tools abstract the coding language layer completely, replacing it with a graphical, browser-based, configuration interface. This means that complex programmed applications can be rapidly developed without a coding or code-debug burden. 

Data Integration

The  unique Feed - Query - View web application development tools that clearString uses manage all functions of data collection, query writing and display for you.

clearString web application development tools Feed Query View model

Whole components can be embedded on web pages, and nested within Views - all driven by Queries. These web application development tools give you powerful functionality - the bug-free equivalent of  thousands of lines of hand written code - wrapped and embedded on a webpage with a single click.

The best way to see how
Feed-Query-View works
is to look at an example 

Codeless web application development tools for business

See how codeless web app development tools work in this 3 minute video 

clearString web application development tools video 


No program integration issues - web application development tools for business

clearString is Windows software designed for business use. You don't waste time resolving LAMP-stack issues for PHP/MySQL, or Ruby gem dependencies and conflicts or setting up Apache/nginx, MySQL, MongoDB, or worrying about version control. clearString web application development tools manage the database-application and services-display. 

Websites and applications  are Portable and Maintainable

Websites and applications created using clearString web application development tools are fully exportable so they are easy to transfer from server to server. They can be cloned by their owner and then adapted to be used in multiple situations. clearString applications can later be easily maintained by anyone  - even without reference to the original designer. 

jQuery, Custom Scripts and extensions

Although all clearString functionality can be done without scripts and coding, if you have a custom application that you need to include in a page, that can easily be added by changing to the Source view of the page from within the Text Editor. The web application development tools give direct access to head-tags and scripts area, as well as CSS, using the Behavior Editor so you can easily add in jQuery fun-stuff .

Rapid and Agile web app development tools

clearString web application development tools make it easy for any developer to rapidly create business applications, and it makes all web development very efficient. Granular access control, work-flow locking and integrated content approval systems enable Agile team-construction of large applications.

This component construction method and the ability to embed powerful functionality easily onto web surfaces makes it possible to create, and readily replicate, almost any business model in a fraction of the time and expense of conventional methods. Designed as a fully integrated 'stand-alone' package, clearString web application development tools can also import and export data from other databases or data-feeds.

clearString web application development tools can't be broken and there is no debugging thousands of lines of code.

See the clearString Features set and Component listing


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