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Email server bundle

We are pleased to offer a full Mailtraq Professional version  2.17 with your license purchase as a low cost option.


Mailtraq email server software

Why might I need a mail server?
The system makes extensive use of email to transfer data, and also to provide a password recovery service.   
What is Mailtraq 2.17?
Mailtraq 2.17 mail server software is the next version of Mailtraq, the long-established affordable alternative to Microsoft® Exchange Server for email. Organizations of all sizes need a reliable and flexible email system, and Mailtraq - the Complete Email Server - provides an ideal solution for most users. Mailtraq has been reliably providing the primary email server software to tens of thousands of businesses, banks, government departments and organizations just like yours - in the USA, Europe and around the world since 1997. 
Mailtraq is full-scale Business Email Server software
Mailtraq has been designed specifically to provide today's organizations with the services and tools they need - without the high costs of licensing, administration and support found elsewhere.When you are moving your organization's email services in-house  you are worried about the cost and security implications of using hosted services. Mailtraq is an affordable alternative to Microsoft Exchange Server.   Mailtraq email server provides the power and flexibility you need with a much lower TCO.  Mailtraq gives you an alternative to Exchange without having to move away from the familiar Windows operating system - and without the risks of going 'open-source'.
This bundled license allows for up to 25 user accounts - to provide multiple roles each with a unique email address.
Regular price for this edition $445.00
Bundled price only $199.00*
Simply contact us to add to your purchase.
*Includes 12 months Upgrade Protection. Renewable annually at 30% of the Regular price.

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