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A new way to work...

clearString makes it possible for every web designer to solve major application development problems.

This project is too difficult

More capability - clearString makes it possible to do the impossible. 

Capability and lack of skills in scripting and coding can restrict any business. clearString removes those restrictions. Build the and data driven applications you need without expensive hiring or outsourcing. You can do it.

There isn't enough time

Bigger capacity - clearString gives you more time.

clearString is a rapid development environment - projects complete typically in 30 - 50% of the time it normally takes. That's like doubling your workforce or halving your costs.

It's going to be too restrictive

No constraints - clearString is not template based.

Your web applications look exactly how you want them to, there are no design constraints, but if you want to turn one of your creations into a template for your own use then you can do that at a click. 



Web application development tools - an overview

Embedded fields and components - faster tools for web application development

Videos show how clearString works...

clearString is a full stack web application development system -  back-end application creation and front-end website building - by web developers, business owners and graphic designers.  clearString can be installed onto your own server, installed into AWS, or used as a cloud service. clearString web application development tools make every data-field, query and result embeddable on web pages with easy control over display and fine-grain access permission, so that all applications can be multi-user.

No code debugging speeds development for everyone 

Installing clearString web application development tools

Deployment is easy. One installation can host and manage an unlimited number of users, applications and websites - each fully independent from each other. clearString web application development tools aren't just a web-based GUI for manipulating grid-form database structures. They are a complete set of web application development tools for creating and managing all types of web applications from the most sophisticated data centric web application to a simple web site. 

Codeless app development Behavior-editor


Applications are snapped together like virtual building-blocks. Some components provide 'power' features, others make common tasks very fast and easy to accomplish.


Components can be used in multiple combinations to provide design-patterns to create the most sophisticated applications quickly and without time wasting debugging.







Style Management
The system manages fully customizable web-pages, styles (CSS), access control, and user management, including full dynamic-navigation, CMS and approval controls with no additional configuration.

Plus, over 50 separately configurable discrete 'components' to give rapid, safe deployment of advanced functionality for data management. clearString includes SaaS functionality - hosting and billing services are fully integrated - so that new ventures created using clearString are revenue-ready from the get-go.  

See the complete list of components for codeless web application development

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