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We all need inspiration from time to time.
Our 'inspirations' are not pretty pictures but solutions to problems,  and ideas that you can take away and develop yourself.



How-To Resources

In the How-To section we show how to manage common tasks, either for direct inclusion in your website or application, or as a spring-board to inspire you to new creation.

You'll find detailed resources on E-commerce, Blog systems, Advertising, Voting systems, Search Engine Optimization, Managing Discussions and Making Sites Accessible.

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Free Demo Applications

Demo Applications are complete 'finished' web-based applications that you can download and install on your own server. They are complete in themselves, and simply need to have your custom graphics and standing content added to make them unique.

Demo applications are also powerful teaching tools where you can see and use 'data objects', 'supporting objects' and 'controls' embedded on 'pages' for display without having to assemble and configure them yourself. You can then 'deconstruct' the application and use it as inspiration for your own developments.

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