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Manage content

Content Management System

Read more about codeless content managementEvery site made using clearString has full CMS (Content Management System) on creation - with total user and management control without any additional configuration required. 

User Editable Pages are at the heart of web content management systems. clearString provides Users with a full-featured 'wysiwyg' Text Editor. Users can easily – instantly – add, edit or remove text on their webpages without any other software. clearString inherently provides content management as you build the website - so there is no additional configuration required for In-Place Editing where editing is done right on the page.

A better way
clearString's powerful data handling system also makes it easy to build highly structured pages where the content is entered and edited by the use of Forms and (data) Tables. This type of CMS uses Structured Editing, and is explained more fully in the next section.

In-Place Editing - (unstructured or direct editing)

Manage website contentContent management system

Simply login, browse to the page to be changed, and click 'Edit'.

Changes go live immedately, with no need for FTPing uploads, or getting involved with HTML. The User experience is familiar to anyone who has used a word processor. All of the normal controls are available, and in addition advanced Users can easily insert HTML code either directly or by copy-and-paste from their favorite editor.

The Graphics Manager, accessed from the ‘Insert Image’ icon of the Text Editor makes it a simple task to upload an image from a User’s computer, direct to the webpage.

The easy to understand controls allow the User to position the image on the page, control the free space around it, and provide alternate, mouse-over, text, all without having to use any HTML or other programming skills.

Deploying your staff effectively

Your most expensive resources are your programmers, so its important that they are deployed with precision. clearString allows you to de-skill many of the tasks which they have traditionally done, allowing you to deploy them on truly challenging tasks, saving you money, and increasing staff retention as they feel more valued.

So tasks like updating existing sites with new content can be moved over to account managers or secretarial assistants in direct contact with your clients, and removing the costly reworking caused by accidental mis-communication. Actually, with little training, you'll find many of the seemingly non-technical staff who normally spend their time with clients can now also create the sites: commissioning graphics from designers, but relying less on programmers to re-interpret the clients' needs.

In fact, when it comes to many of the day-to-day changes, these can be passed over to the clients to make themselves. The system protects them from the technical aspects like HTML, and also from inadvertantly destroying templates and site furniture. What's more, the increased immediacy and control this gives them over the site enables you to sell this aspect as a premium feature. This allows you to effectively charge them for making changes to their own site.

By removing the need to rely on custom code carved out by your programmers, you also remove the danger when a programmer moves on, of being left with unintelligible code that can never confidently be edited again.

Rapid site creation allows you to reduce prices, and gain market share

clearString allows you full creative freedom whilst taking care of all the technical aspects: modules like database integration, user permissions, e-commerce, content management, e-mail integration, and much more. By reducing the time it takes to create a site, you can lower the price-point to make it an attractive proposition to a much wider segment of the market than before - an still make a healthy profit.

You probably have a set of clients with static 'brochureware' sites. They are ideal candidates for upgrading to take advantage of all the new functionality now on offer at a price-point they can afford. You have the opportunity to 'harvest' this crop of upgrades, not only adding technical features, but also refreshing the graphical look and feel.

Reduce the burden on your accounting department

Your clearString software doesn't just provide an editing interface, but also runs the hosting too. So it knows how busy sites are, and can run charging plans for you: you can charge flat-rate monthly amounts, or be creative and charge in proportion to site usage (a good plan, since sites tend to get busier over time). The system keeps track of all this, and emails your clients when they owe you money, allows them to pay online, into your PayPal or similar account, and if they don't pay, encourages them to do so by suspending their site. All this without you having to lift a finger. No awkward phone calls, no excuses. You can grow you business with having to scale up your back-office accounting team.

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