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Manage users

Web access management

The clearString codeless web access management tools make it easy both to create and manage Users and assign then to User Groups, and also the organize the multiple levels of access that are possible. This allows the designer to create the most sophisticated site architecture, safely allowing different classes of user to securely work in the same web-space, whilst ensuring total control over their access to secure information.

Codeless web access management

Manage Users - regulate access and action

Even for public sites, web access management is important. clearString ensures that there is a solid security system behind every site. Security is a very wide topic, and influences system design and programming throughout, ensuring that there are no weak points within the system. The security is most obvious where it meets the administrator, and the visitor to the site.

In depth
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User Groups and Permissions

The clearString web access management controls security through the concepts of usergroups and permissions. There are some built-in usergroups that all sites have, but there is no limit to the number of extra usergroups that can be created for specific classes of visitor.

The usergroups on their own would be meaningless if it wasn't for the rich array of permissions that each page on the site has. Each usergroup can be allowed or denied each of these permissions, on a page-by-page basis (or, to save a lot of time, on a section-by-section basis using inheritance).

Create secure Extranets easily

Combining the ease of User management with the power of the Permission System makes it easy to create Extranets. Every page, every component, has Permissions that can be set on a User -group by User group basis. Access to the web content management system is by a secure combination of username and password.

clearString and corporate Web Design Teams

clearString has been designed from the top down to make the creation of large corporate websites, Intranets and Extranets quick to build and easy to manage all without being a major drain on staffing or financial resources. It enables you to 'de-skill' website production and maintenance, so that you can redeploy internal staff and be more competitive in your marketplace. 

Minimize Staffing Costs

By allowing tight control but with easy access, clearString makes it possible to leverage the skills ofyour existing technologists. Unlike ordinary Internet development tools and simplistic Content Management Systems, the clearString system does not require any programming at all.

You are protected from complexity: the clearString system cannot be broken. All functions are managed using straightforward dialog boxes. clearString makes it easy for website designers to create sites with what are otherwise difficult features. It takes care of all the fiddly technical administration which you'd normally need a programmer or a hosting tech to handle.

Eliminate Outsourcing and Off-shoring

By eliminating the need to write raw-code and debug processes clearString makes it possible to close the development loop. Project managers and site developers can work together directly in what is known as an Agile Environment. There is no need to engage external developers to create specific functionality - which although attractive in principle is a major cause of project failure and cost over-run.

The answer seems to be in no small part down to good communications, driven (in no small part either) by a level of connectedness to the business. There was a level of good-enough-ness in the past, we are told, which was adequate to support more successful development activities, and which is impossible to replicate across contractual and international boundaries. Writes Jon Collins - Industry Analyst more ...

clearString helps keep the development cycle and in-house so communication is optimized and costs and development time are reduced. 


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