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Report Builder

Data-in, Data-out, forms and reports

clearString provides a rich array of data handling features that can be used on your websites. These allow a conceptual separation of the information held in the sites, from the appearance of that information on pages. This separation brings flexibility in design, consistency of appearance, organisational efficiencies, and provides support for your own custom applications. 

Data is acquired in the Data Feeds, stored in Tables, sorted and manipulated in the Query, prepared for presentation in the Views, and the output is embedded on a Page.

In depth

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Feed - Table - Query - View Model

The Feed-Table-Query-View system allows the construction of multiple data-entry pages, and many other database manipulations, without having to do any programming or learn the intricacies of advanced database programming and relational database integration.Search, filter, sort, import, export and even modify data structures with simple point-and-click wizards.

Forms and Reports

The 'Data Entry Form' component enables you to create a custom designed form with total control over the style and position of fields and prompts. Similarly, the 'Custom View' enables you build custom reports with fine display control - and using the same report for web-viewing, mobile-device viewing or printing is a simple task.


Feeds are about getting data into the system. 
At its simplest, data handling  consists of creating a Data Entry Form, which you then fill in with information, once for each item. This information gets stored in a Table. Then, you can display the information the website visitor entered using the various Views.
clearString has a rich array of Data Feeds from the simplest through to the External Lookup Data Feed component provides a powerful interface to pull data into a site from XML sources.
Queries and Views are about getting information out of the system. Queries allow you to sort, and select the raw information provided by the data feeds. Complex queries can be defined which work with information 'joined' from several data feeds at the same time.
Using a Query, you get to specify which fields to display, and the order they appear in (both left to right, and top to bottom), and this is then handed on to a View, where you can style it, specifying fonts and colours. You then place - or embed -  this on a Page, and the users can see your information.
Views take the output from a Query, and present it to users in a variety of ways. The most versatile of which is the Custom View which gives the designer full flexability to tightly control what information is displayed.
The Output - View selector allows the choice of how output is displayed. Either selecting from one of the inherent simple display formats - CSV or Grid or using a separately configured Custom View. The Custom View enables the developer to position 'output' precisely where they want it on the page surface by embedding the Output Fields and criteria'd-down Query results.
clearstring also has a rich array of special purpose Views in addition to the main Custom View:
Calendar View, Category View, DirectURL View, Drop-down View, IFrame View, List View, Redirect View, RSS View, Sale View, Search View, Ticker View, vCard View.
Details of how to use these views will be found in the Knowledgebase

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