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The system manages the display of navigation links throughout the site, ensuring that if a page is moved, or renamed, all the links are automatically updated throughout the site.  
clearString websites have inherant navigation - each page and component knows where it is within the site and that is displayed in the navigation system.
Navigation respects the Access Permissions of the pages and Components, so it will not show visitors to the website pages or sections that they are not entitled to see. A clearString website will not tantalize the visitor by showing them a link in the navigation and then deny them access to that information.
Styling navigation
Whilst the tedious updating is taken care of by the system, you still have complete control over the appearance. You have a full set of styles that can be applied to the links, so they can appear as buttons, panels, or whatever, in any font, size or color.
And by setting permissions on pages, you can ensure that different groups of users only see links to pages they are supposed to.
(Of course the security model is more than it automatically hiding links to secure content - the pages themselves are inaccessible without the correct login even if the URL is known).
Navigation is a characteristic of Layout Elements and so can be displayed in numerous ways on different pages if the Designer wishes.
Site Tree Component
The Site Tree Component is related to navigation - it allows the Designer to embed a live view of the site tree on any page on the website.
The site tree also provides the controls for the XML Site map service within the system

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