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Email, Twitter & RSS

The system can send emails to clients, site-owners and third-parties in response to user filling in forms, making payments etc. Emails can be fully customized, and can can include data entered on forms or related to order.


In depth

Read more about Email, Twitter and RSS - and get a free working example Twitter app here...


Email editor

The Email Editor allows you to construct the email that is sent by the website. You can directly enter information, and also embed data collected by a form or other data feed.

Twitter and LinkedIn

Status updates to Twitter and LinkedIn can be created as simply as an email. You can easily create Twitter marketing campaigns built on site activity, purchases, posting or any other triggering Event.

Email service

The system includes an SMTP service to send out email messages direct 'server-to-server'.
You would normally configure it to send email messages to your corporate mail-server or your Internet Service Provider's email service for onward delivery. There are easy to understand dialogs to set up the mail services.

RSS service

Publishing RSS Feeds

clearString allows you to publish an RSS feed at at specified URL on your site, which contains information about one or more items. for example to provide feeds of blog postings. There is no restriction on what you can use it for, within the limits of the fields defined by the specification. The RSS file is made on-demand when the RSS link is clicked on, or called from an RSS Reader. Once created, the RSS file is kept for a period, defined by the TTL setting in the RSS file itself.

Capturing RSS feeds

The External Lookup Data Feed component provides a powerful interface to pull data into a site from XML sources, such as an RSS feed. Many web services, for example Twitter, provide XML feeds to make it straightforward to integrate data between sites.

It can handle a wide range of usage scenarios, and it can understand a wide range of XML-based input, including RSS Feeds and Atom Feeds.


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