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Construction help

We offer three types of Construction Help

Feasibility Analysis

Systems Analysis and Design

Design and Build free in-depth component and system advice in 'The Guide'. Open to all: no registration required.


Feasibility Analysis  - 'Pointing you in the right direction'

The Package provides up to one-hour for one of our analysts to examine your proposed development and then email you a suggested best way forward, together with links to the knowledgebase articles in 'The Guide' that explain how to configure the components. 


This Package is intended to save you hours of time. It is designed to make sure the solution you are creating is done the best way using our extensive knowledge of real-world business scenarios. We cover the critical structural considerations that you need to make, which components to use and the best practices for creating your application. You can then confidently use our 'System Analysis' and 'Design and Build' Extended Advice services to build a custom advice service to suit your exact requirements.

How it works
You submit your proposal to us by email with any attachments or illustrations that may be helpful in explaining your goals. We will analyze the proposal and make our suggestions - working within the one-hour overall time limit.

This is an email only service and the package does not include telephone consultation.

We offer this service at an introductory rate of:   $140.00 (plus any applicable taxes)
The package also includes up to three follow up emails and responses for clarification.

Please contact us to arrange.


System Analysis and Design 

System Analysis and Design offers a structured approach to creating an efficient application solution by using best practice data handling techniques combined with optimizing your clearString - neatComponents configuration. This is a 1:1 custom service concentrating on you and your specific application. This package is very useful if you have little previous database application design experience, and can save you days of effort.



Design and Build  
This is very affordable 1:1 Training spread over five sessions. It is provided either as Tuition - structured learning to become proficient in techniques, or  Focused Training where the concentration is on getting your application built, while giving just a general over-view of clearString.


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