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Hosting options

Freedom and flexibility in hosting - no lock-in

clearString sites and applications can be hosted anywhere:
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(e.g. AWS)


Control your own data
We think it is really important that you keep control over your data. Whether it is your own data or your customer's, you should be in control.
We have made it easy
clearString uses a server-model - you install clearString into space that you control. We have put a lot of work into making installation at your server as close to one-click as possible.

Location? You choose!
Where your site is located is up to you. We can look after it for you. You can host it on a local machine, at a conventional (and very cheap) hosting location, or even in a public Cloud like Amazon AWS. The important thing is that clearString makes it as easy and inexpensive as possible to have the benefits of Cloud development without the downside security and reliability risks.

clearString web application development system provides a complete hosting environment supporting an unlimited number of separate websites creating your own, safe private cloud under your own control. Each website or application is built and managed from its own Layout Manager.

Multi-site Management
clearString private cloud creatorYour private cloud can host multiple websites, listen on multiple domains, copy whole sites, create your own templates and offer them to customers. Charge for hosting on a monthly, bandwith or page-hit basis. Accept payment by credit card. Each application or website is independent and has its own complete development environment. High levels of security and tight user-controls within the clearString private cloud make it simple to manage multiple independent applications or customers on a single server.

The 'Child Sites system' within the private cloud server manager enables you to create a new child site and assign it to a 'Customer'. Each Child Site is fully independent of any other site - with its own log-in system, user-groups and content management. The Site Creator component allows resellers to let clients self-serve a new 'child site' automatically.

The Child Sites part of the tree is integrated with a User Manager. The User Manager enables you to create new User or 'Customer' - either real independent companies, or departments of your organization, or any other division of user that you wish. Each Customer has independent Accounting and Billing controlled by the Accounts manager and assigned Charging Plan.

clearString private-cloud template creatorTemplate Creator
One of the most powerful individual tools in the private cloud server manager is the ability to create a template from any given application or website, and then use that template as the basis for the quick roll out of similar sites. Any website or application can be set to be made available as a Template for other designers.


Automatic metering
clearString private-cloud accounts systemThe private cloud system allows you to define as many charging plans as you wish, based on a number of different factors. Charges can range from Free to fixed monthly charges, to charges per page hit (in multiple bands) or overall usage (MB of data transfered per month).  An automatic billing and credit control system provides each of your private cloud clients with their own Account, that shows invoices and payments for their site, together with any other charges that you need to make.




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