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Website Monetization


Website Monetization (SaaS Reselling) - what's that?

Monetize the clearString applications you create by selling them as a software service.

As well as providing you with unparalleled application and website building capability and hosting for an unlimited number of sites, clearString also includes a full suite of website monetization tools to allow you to create applications and sites, sell them to end-users - bill them, and have clearString manage the collection of the funds and credit control. Really.     

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Website monetization: SaaS - Software-as-a-Service

The clearString system is designed for website monetization - providing a revenue stream with the minimum of administration, and the maximum flexibility.

Website monetization Create a catalog of available applications  Create a catalog of available applications - one or many

Website monetization Provide automated service agreement provisioning  Provide automated service agreement provisioning

Website monetization Support granular user authorization  Support granular user authorization

Website monetization Easily modify service and charge plans  Easily modify service and charge plans

Website monetization Provide detailed accounting via multiple metrics  Provide detailed accounting via multiple metrics

Website monetization Fully automated delivery  Fully automated delivery

Website monetization Integrated payment and collection  Integrated payment and collection

Website monetization Site ManagerThe key to reducing administrative burden to make website monetization profitable is to permit - and actively encourage - clients to manage their own sign-up and account maintenance themselves.

To do this, we provide a suite of linked website monetization components. The 'Site Manager' provides you with an overall control centre. The 'Site Creator' allows clients to sign up from your own website, and the 'Account' component allows them to pay you online.

Together with the Log-on impersonation facility for support, you have a comprehensive suite of website monetization tools to enable you to maintain a profitable revenue stream with the minimum of effort.

  • To learn more about the clearString features that power SaaS reseller sites, click on the headings below:

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