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Powerful, affordable solutions that were once only available to big-budgets.
The better alternative to   SharePoint™  or   Salesforce™ Platform  for all SMB
and Enterprise users. Fully scalable for all use cases with affordable licensing.

Videos show how clearString works...

Web application development for web designers

Mobile  -  Tablet  -  Desktop

Your design.   Now your apps, too.

Got mobile friendly website problems? clearString solves them.

All those nasty database problems solved - security, user management and access permissions.  

Now it is easy to connect your brilliant design to data, with tools for creating and reading data

from internal or external sources - from any browser or device.    No programming required.

Runs everywhere: on-premise - or in the Cloud: you decide.


Try clearString now for Free. No credit card required.


Focus on


Let clearString handle the coding so you are free to concentrate on the creatives.    The data driven web does not have to be boring:  add animation, Ajax ...

Your business


Codeless application development doesn't mean it is all locked down. Use the Text Editor or <DIV> Layout with edit access to the source code on every page.


 CSS interpreter

The Behavior Editor provides an easy to use but extremely powerful CSS Interpreter that enables you to make choices easily while it writes the CSS for you behind the scenes.
Easy to edit CSS and powerful inheritance
give you years of experience at a click. 

Web application development software - powerful CSS interpreter


Web application development software - data management tools

Extract information

The Query Component enables you to manipulate all your data exactly how you want to with powerful internal tools.
You will be creating fully optimized SQL queries, every one perfect. All the bells and whistles you need with parameter controls and Regular Expression support ready to embed.


User management

Bringing business and confidential data to the web means you need to control just who can see it and manipulate it.
Easy to use fine-grain user management puts you in command of access with clear visual controls, component by component.

Web application development software - user management tools


Web application development software - create custom CRM systems

Aim - Fire - Result !

Manage time based or action based events to fire
email or integrate with Twitter, Facebook, etc
Create custom web data management systems to handle business processes from stock control to e-commerce.

Transition from design to development

clearString has been created for commercial web designers like you. It gives you capability.

It does not restrict your designs. Your websites and web applications look just how you want them to.

clearString is about capability

Manage 'impossible' projects with your current skill set and staff

So you can be more responsive - without incurring high costs or steep learning curves.
clearString enables you to continue to satisfy your customers' requirements when WordPress™  - or whatever - stops. Database integration, data security, user access control, website hosting, custom e-commerce, custom CRM, content management, e-mail integration, and much more.
On-premise or Cloud deployment
Total control over where you host your sites and applications means your business customers can store commercial data securely. 

Highly flexible to give you the competitive advantage

You are not restricted to pre-existing templates. You can create exactly what you need  and clearString will manage the advanced CSS and Database-SQL for you. clearString is a component based system which gives you unlimited capability without costly manual coding and debugging.

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  The power behind clearString codeless web application development software

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