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Analysis & Design

The System Analysis and Design package deals with planning the development of your clearString-neatComponents application, through understanding and specifying in detail what components should be used and how they should work together. 

This is a confidential one-on-one package of system analysis using a virtual classroom model.  One of our consultants will work with you to analyse your requirements and design an efficient solution. This course deals with the concepts, skills, methodologies, techniques, tools, and perspectives essential for an optimized design.
The practical component is use-case driven, and assumes a working knowledge of clearString-neatComponents. The methodology is hands-on: using screen-sharing technology you are guided through the system, and get to build your own application. After each session you are given an assignment to complete, which is then reviewed and discussed at the next session before new concepts are introduced. 
Duration - 6  sessions over ~2 weeks
This package of support and instruction consists of 1 initial session (free) followed by five 1:1 webinar sessions. At the end of the package you should have comprehensive theoretical knowledge as well as practical skills related to system development using neatComponents. You should either have completed your project or be able to see clearly the path to completion.
The Package is tailored to your requirements, but typically covers:
  • data collection and outline system requirements.
  • how to design your system using neatComponents and its hosting and delivery environment.
  • assisting you to create a detailed model for implementing your system.
  • designing the database structure for storing data and creating the user interface for data input and output, as well as controls to protect the system and its data.

Days: 1+5 / Format: Instructor-led 1:1 webinar / Cost: $1400, plus any applicable taxes

First session FREE

First full session is FREE* to all paid license holders - even if you do not buy the full course. 
Our goal is to make each project a success, so all paid licenses come with one full session of one-to-one tuition to make sure you are starting with a solid foundation and to provide an outline to getting your project completed quickly.

Additional Focus days: when available
Focus Days are one-on-one sessions exploring a specific aspect of application development and are charged pro rata at $280.

Combine and Save:  $280 value for FREE
This package can be combined with the 'Design and Build' Package to provide a comprehensive 'Analysis - Design - Build' training solution.
Get an extra session of System Analysis or Build Advice FREE when you purchase both packages within a month. Valid for up to 12 months from initial purchase.

*All Training courses are subject to availability.

License value must be equal to or greater than $280 (so you may need to prepay for several months for pay-as-you-go licenses)
Please contact us for next available session, and sign-up

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