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Starting: Jennifer's story

The fundamental point of using clearString is to increase your profitability by making it easy to do things which are otherwise difficult.


It is not that clearString enables you to do something which is otherwise impossible, it is that it makes it profitable ... and that's the difference between making websites as a hobby and as a business.



Starting a web design business

Starting a web design business on her own meant Jennifer had to think carefully about how she divided her time: between marketing, meetings with clients, doing the technical website construction, and accounting.

Jennifer's core skills lay in interpreting her clients' needs, and specifying how their websites should look and function. Her business growth was limited by her time: she didn't want to take anyone else on. Not wishing to reduce the time spent marketing and with clients, the challenge was to find a more efficient way of making the sites.

  “I'm so glad
my competitors haven't found this”

In choosing clearString Jennifer solved two problems: the site development was speeded up significantly, and as an unexpected bonus, she found the system's built in account system meant she no longer had to spend time chasing clients for payment.


Evaluating alternatives

Jennifer examined a variety of alternative approaches for before starting her web design business based around clearString.

She quickly rejected any that required her to acquire coding skills: she appreciated that to gain sufficient fluency in them - that she would feel comfortable selling rather than just for a hobby - would take several years investment in time; and it was time that she didn't have.

At the other end of the scale were template-based CMS systems, both open source and commercial. These were rejected for three main reasons: visual inflexibility, limited and incomplete features, and lack of reliable support - the latter being particularly apparent with open source options.


Getting started

Jennifer started her web design business with the free license, which allows unlimited development. Once her clients were happy with the sites she had developed, and were ready to set them live, she set them up with their own single-site licenses.

“You can just
rely on it”

Jennifer is now considering getting her own multi-site license so she can host her clients websites for when they don't want to have their own.


Client reaction

Initially Jennifer reported her clients were most impressed by the content management facilities - they were unused to being able to simply edit their sites themselves.

However as their familiarity with the system increased they soon realized that there was far more to it than simple content management, and they were soon asking Jennifer to enable the extra features on offer, from ecommerce to blogging and even Twitter integration.

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of clearString that helped Jennifer...




The customer insight stories in this section are based on feedback from our clients, but we have changed their names to protect their identities. 



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