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Why install? The benefits of control

Control your own data
We think it is really important that you keep control over your data.
Whether it is your own data or your customer's, you should be in control.
That's why clearString uses a server-model - you install clearString into space that you control and then use it Cloud style. The Cloud is great - but it wants to be your Cloud not someone else's. 
Where you install clearString is up to you.
You can host it on a local machine, at a conventional (and very cheap) hosting location, or even in a public Cloud like Amazon AWS. The important thing is that clearString makes it as easy and inexpensive as possible to have the benefits of Cloud development without the downside security and reliability risks.
Security Issues
Security is a primary concern with Cloud computing. This is always an issue when you are dealing with private information - pictures and personal data - but is of vital concern when you are storing or sharing data that is itself of high value, such as financial, technical or contract information.
1 - Data Location
When you use a cloud service provder you do not know where your data is stored. You may not even know which country it is in, or how many times it has been replicated, and where those copies are located. At most you can get an assurance that it is stored securely - but how much can you trust someone else with your information?
2 - Access to your data
This is the priviliged user access problem. Once you give your files to a third-party you lose the normal business controls - physical security and personnel management - you have over your documents. Government agencies can have virtually limitless powers to access information without you being told. Cloud providers must have access to the systems and files containing your sensitive material - but how much can you trust someone else with your information?
3 - Disaster recovery 
Problems happen - to everyone. With a cloud service provider you are just one of many other customers using their service, and in turn they are just one of many customers using any given data center. When the lights go out how quickly are your needs going to be met and how can your business be prioritized?
4 - Business continuity 
What happens when the cloud provider goes out of business, or is taken over by another company who wants to change business focus? What happens if the data center your service is using fails? How quickly can you get your service up and running again? Can you even get your data out?
clearString gives you control over where your data is stored, who can access it, and how quickly you recover.
You own the system so your data will always be there.

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