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clearString is a stable, secure and robust enterprise web site and application development platform suitable for businesses of all sizes.

It enables fully customizable rapid web application creation without manual coding and scripting.


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Integrated server & SQL database
Integrated management suite
Integrated application development
Integrated multi-user design 
 Integrated e-commerce engine   
Production environments & websites
 Multiple production environments & websites   
Unlimited application complexity
Unlimited number of users & records
 Unlimited database query capacity   
Unlimited page views per period
Data-center Site-Creator controls
Usage metering for SaaS provision
Integrated billing & credit control
 Optional email-server bundle Mail-server bundle Mail-server bundle 
Technical support
Email, 12 x 5
Online documentation
Premium support available
   available in Enterprise licensing...
Mail-server bundle  special offer on Mailtraq email server software...
  variable monthly charge
  capacity restricted to 50 page views per 10 minutes

Websites and Web Applications
clearString software provides a complete web content management system (CMS), and web application development toolkit for creating data-centric web resources, business and enterprise web applications, mobile applications and websites. clearString is fully free-form (no templates) and can integrate into your custom designs.

ADT  -  Application Development Toolkit

Structure Management Tools

Data Management Tools



User Management Tools

Content Management Tools

Theme Management

Content Management System

Unlimited Pages and Sections

Unlimited number of multi-level content editors (users)

User generated content easily and safely included

Publish over multiple outlets: mobile, Twitter, RSS, &c.

Fine grain user control for permissions & security

Seamless Content Management & Social Publishing

Optimized for Google SEO

Control publication dates: embargo, public, remove



Integration: Public Websites & Internal Collaboration

Drag and Drop Page and Section building

Content Approval System with email notification 

Intelligent internal search and reporting

Fast response: Unlimited user generated microsites

Integrated password & auto recovery system

WYSIWYG editor controls

Easy Google Analytics integration

Workflow locking for multi-member team management

Website Development Tools

Fully web-based development. Secure from anywhere.

Template Builder

Cloning system for micro-sites

Marketing campaign creation with integrated email

Unlimited forms to collect and display data

Full Head Tag and Scripts Access

Powerful Themes system to change appearances

SEO optimized direct URLs (permalinks)

Separated Content & Structure for unlimited reuse



Graduated editor controls: user/task controls

Personalize content - granular slice and dice 

Real-time updating (no FTP etc) with staging control

Dynamic site map and automatic navigation

Create custom surveys, polls and voting

eCommerce with a fully integrated engine

Integrated CSS editor for easy display styling

HTML access for individual adjustments

Link and Image pickers for seamless uploads

Instantly re-theme without changing Content

eCommerce Integration

Multiple currencies

Create personalized customer profiles

Create multi-part product bundles (Dell™ style)

Unlimited product descriptions

Multiple image, multimedia product descriptions

Create custom real-time reports

Stock Control


Race to Checkout

Catalogs of over 10,000,000 products

Date range and attribute controls



Downloadable media support

Freeform or attribute based Searching

Shipping and Tax calculations

Create Wish Lists and Shopping Lists

Create custom Affiliate Schemes 

Payment Gateway Integration

Multi-level secure admin management

Asset Manager

Image Uploader, Links Manager, Picture Library

File Library

Email and Twitter integration 

Channels for mass email blasts

Application Development Platform

Flexible & Adaptable Toolkit with no need for Scripting

Role-based Administration with multi-level access

Convert Business Rules & Processes to Web Apps

Reuse app logic over Multiple Interfaces, Mobile etc.

Fine grain user security and App protection.

Interface protection from SQL-injection

Integrated build and staging under Admin controls

Permissions allow safe testing of live sites & apps



Unlimited combination & reuse of Components

No size constraints - from Enterprise to Microsite

Collect, Pull and Publish data

Connect to and expose current business processes

Convert existing business processes to web access

Change, adapt and innovate with no risk to data

No coding bugs. Reliable deployment everytime

Eliminate orphan code & programmer lock-in issues

Deploy on premises, co-lo, hosted or to the Cloud

ADT - Structure Management Tools

Layout Manager - Drag & Drop construction

Component based construction

Customize user access to Components - Manage Bank

Layout Editor manages repeating structural elements

XML Site Maps



Automatically adjust layout based on user properties

Navigation adjusts automatically on creation or move

Manage Domains, Monitoring, Logs & Cache

Embedding tool for Table fields and Query views

Multiple rich-text Surfaces per Component

No staging server or FTP required

ADT - Data Management Tools

SQL database automatically securely installed

ODBC connections automatically managed

Graphical Query editor generates data queries for you 

No knowledge of SQL, scripting or coding required

Drag and Drop Table insertion 

Rename & Restructure Tables without loss of data

Graphical Table editor

Unlimited Tables and Table fields

Table Field-based Direct URL management

Cross Table Record links

Table Multiple data types - Rich Text, File, Image

Product Families, Radio buttons & Drop-downs

Table Maintenance on Records and editing locks

Table Event Action - send email 

Table Event Action - send Twitter status update

Table Event Action - send LinkedIn status update

Table Event Action - External Lookup

Table Event Action - Regular Expression

Table Event Trigger - New Record

Table Event Trigger - Field Criteria

Table Event Trigger - Query Record Count

Table Event Action Scheduler



Data Feed - External Lookup

Data Feed - Email Table Loader

Data Feed - User Membership

Data Feed - Search Log (what are visitors looking for)

Data Feed - Accounts, Invoice & Payment system

Data Feed - Referrals

Data Feed - Multiple eCommerce feeds

Data Entry Forms - unlimited CRUD Forms Builder

Query - Graphical SQL query editor

Query - Graphical Table and Field selector

Query - multiple Table Joins & Union Queries

Query - Field selection, format and sorting

Query - define links

Query - Ajax transition controls

Query - Regular Expression controls

Query - Multiple query parameter controls

Views - Graphical query output custom view editor

Views - Zero-config Basic, Grid & CSV views

Views - Query by Example

Views - Cookie life controls

Views - Initial Page Criteria Controls

Views - Record Criteria & Parent Parameter controls

Views - Cache control

ADT - User Management Tools

User Group Manager

User Manager

User Log-in controls

Embeddable Login - Logout Component

Permission controls - context sensitive

Explicit security controls per component & feature

Two Factor Authentication security

Redirection to Login Component

Graphical editor for hierarchical control relationships

User Registration system



Publish 'invite' access codes

'Click-through' agreement sign-up system

Inherent 'redirect to first child' permission switch

User access to maintain their own details

Controlled delegation to administer users

Password reset system

Password recovery by email system

Associate (Affiliate) Sign-up and Access controls

Associate (Affiliate) Accounts management

'Not permitted' means invisible

Export User Data - the User Data Feed

ADT - Content Management Tools

Full inherent CMS on all Pages

Embeddable Table derived content on any Surface

Drag & Drop Page Insertion, Move and Nest

Text editor

Image Picker and insertion tool (no FTP)

Link Picker and Link Management tools

Function (Query & Table Field) Embed tool

Flash animation insertion tool

Direct HTML editing in Source mode



CSS - Graphical Editor

Inherited Styles & Settings with individual over-rides

JavaScript and JQuery support

I-Frame support

Site-tree Component

Bread-crumb navigation controls

Direct URL editor

SEO Friendly URL creation

Editor for Head Tags, Title, Description settings etc

Full Behavior Editor control over Style and Settings

ADT - Theme Management 

Instantly switch appearance of a site between Looks

Allow users to to view the site in 'Accessible' theme

Create specific Themes for mobile or tablet devices

Set different Themes to be used for different domains



Develop a new Look for the site before setting it live.

Ship a template site with multiple Themes 

Allow site owners to select Look from multiple choice

Change contents of pages based on Themes in use

Only show particular page when its Theme is active

Hosting Management

Site Hosting Manager

Template Creator and Cloning Controls

Usage Rules for Template access and Recursive use

Domain name management

Charging Plans - Fixed, Variable, Static costs



Private Cloud Creator

SaaS Hosting (Resale Hosting System)

Automatic Metering of usage (Multiple bands)

Meter by Page-hits, MB/GB per month

Automatic Billing System

Integrated Accounting & Credit Control System

Integrated Installer

Single file download

Automatic database installation & management

Installs into a standard Windows environment

Full commercial transferable license 



No scripting or coding 

Internal backup service

Site export and import

Install locally, hosted or into the Amazon AWS cloud

Full step-by-step installation guidance



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