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Professional On-boarding

1:1 Design and Build
We provide one-on-one training in a virtual classroom to rapidly enable you to become proficient in designing and building the clearString way.

Focused Training
Alternatively - with the agreement of the Instructor a Training program can be focused on your particular application. This may not provide a full over-view of all aspects of clearString, but will get your application well on its way to completion.

Our courses are adaptive to your existing background and skills, so we don't waste time on concepts you are already familiar with. Before starting you will be asked to complete a questionnaire to help us understand both your background and what you aim to gain from the course.

Delivery format

Courses are hands-on: using screen-sharing technology you are guided through the system, and get to build your own sites. After each session you are given an assignment to complete, which is then reviewed and discussed at the next session before new concepts are introduced. You will be able to take away your assignment work and use that as the basis for future projects.

Duration - 1 + 5 sessions over ~2 weeks

Session 1 - Introduction:
First full session is FREE* to all paid license holders - even if you do not buy the full course. 
Our goal is to make each project a success, so all paid licenses come with one full session of one-to-one tuition to make sure you are starting with a solid foundation and to provide an outline to getting your project completed quickly.

Session 2:
One hour introduction

Self-paced assignment

Session 3-5:
Half-hour discussion of previous assignment
One hour tutorial of new concepts

Self-paced assignment

Session 6:
Half-hour discussion of previous assignment
One hour final tutorial

You should expect to spend about two hours on each assignment on your own following the tutored session.

Our trainers

Our trainers are specialists: not only do they have in-depth system knowledge from building countless sites, they are also skilled systems architects and understand how to translate business requirements into practical solutions.

Course content

While the content is adaptive to your needs, it generally covers the following topics:

  • Fundamental architectural principles
  • A tour of the online support resources
  • Building a new site (from a 'hello world' site to a practical site)
  • A-Z of components (what they do and how to discover their true potential when combined)
  • Handling structured data (building relational database models and interfaces)
  • E-commerce (extending structured data to cart management & interfacing with payment gateways)
  • Building site-search systems
  • Advanced use of Views
  • Building for SEO
  • Strategies to manage change (adapting live sites without downtime)
  • Server-level tasks (installing, updating, backups, import, export, etc)

Days: 5 / Format: Instructor-led 1:1 webinar / Cost: $1400, plus any applicable taxes

Additional Focus days: when available
Focus Days are one-on-one sessions exploring a specific aspect of application development and are charged pro rata at $280


Double and Save:  $280 value for FREE
Buy a second training package and save. One extra $280 session free when you purchase 10.
Get an extra session of Build Advice FREE when you purchase both packages within a month. Valid for up to 12 months from initial purchase.
Combine and Save:  $280 value for FREE
This package can be combined with the 'System Analysis & Design' Package to provide a comprehensive 'Analysis - Design - Build' training solution.
Get an extra session of System Analysis or Build Advice FREE when you purchase both packages within a month. Valid for up to 12 months from initial purchase.


The 1:1 Format

Training is provided 1:1, meaning one instructor, one student. This allows the training to be tightly focused both to the student's particular project, and to their existing skills.

We have found having others people present with the student, even in a silent "looking over the student's shoulder" capacity greatly reduces the effectiveness of the sessions. The instructor may terminate a session without refund if there is a violation of this policy.


*All Training courses are subject to availability.
License value must be equal to or greater than $280 (so you may need to prepay for several months for pay-as-you-go licenses)
Please contact us for next available session, and sign-up


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