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No need to wait for the IT Department  

clearString does the work for you 

clearString online database software goes far beyond just CMS to enable businesses to move up from simple websites to an Internet presence that incorporates user-management, custom e-commerce, integrated order processing, custom CRM processes, blogging, and social media and to create novel and unique applications. 

How does it work? ...

clearString online database is the web application development platform that lets everyone create data-driven business web (and mobile) applications without coding or programming. Non-technical users can create apps themselves. One installation can create an unlimited number of sites and applications.
  • Develop web applications 5-times faster.
  • Integrated management controls.
  • Install on your premises or in the Cloud.
  • One license - no client software needed - unlimited 'designers' and users.
clearString enables your business
online database enables any business or web designer to be their own Web Producer, using their existing web and office software skills. Creating their own advanced websites, web applications, and business processes, without having to learn any coding or programming language, without having to install or manage databases, without having to move away from familiar Microsoft Windows, without having to install client software and without having to employ specialists.
All without any restrictive templates or design constraints.




Business online database software and website builder  Content Management >

Create world-class websites and applications for your business without HTML or Coding. Reduce your IT costs and eliminate delays.

Integrated online database and E-commerce   Integrated E-commerce >

Full stock control integration with fulfillment notification, billing, shipping and taxes, or use the cart system for custom Business Process Management.

Business online database software for mailing list and CRM development   Email & Social Media >

clearString is the easy way to create and manage permission based emailing lists and Tweets, direct  for your business or organization.

Online database software for websites without scripting or coding  Customizable Forms >

Easily create new personalized forms to capture information from site visitors without programming or coding. Full database and email integration.

High security online database software for app development & business process management  User & Access Management >

Create unlimited User Profiles to create a custom visitor experience to improve visitor engagement, plus Mobile Web and Domain and IP based controls

Business Website builder software for brochure-ware sites without programming  Design Importer >

Create model business 'brochure-websites' with multiple levels of edit permission, document and media upload, email contact forms and edit-moderation.

Online database and integrated Business Website builder software for brochure-ware sites without programming Search Engine Optimization  >

Google-search friendly! Move your website and landing pages to the top of rankings with direct control of the key Search Engine ranking requirements 

Online database software to create your own custom business app development without programming  Development Tools >

Advanced users have access to all the construction components to create custom solutions that only your business needs. No extra costs. No Coding!


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