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BPM & State Machine


Business Process Management 

Business Process Management (BPM) is concerned with managing the flow of information through an organisation. This information may be complete in of itself, or it may represent the flow of real-world objects through a process, for example manufacturing or logistics.

BPM is a wide-ranging term, and there is no standard implementation that will suit all circumstances. To allow for this the system provides a toolkit of functionality, and leaves it to the system designer to choose how to assemble them together. Once assembled, these form a ‘state machine’ through which data can be modelled and flow.

There is no limit to the complexity of the flow, states or logic involved.



State Machine - process flow

The system enables you to quickly and easily create a process flow by recording states, and then accept inputs that can produce conditional outputs.



This finite state machine business logic is at the heart of Enterprise application development and enables the leverage of data known to the system to create comprehensive process management in all parts of your business.


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