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    How you do Datacenters...

clearString codeless web development software can be a  complete management system for Private Cloud or Datacenter creation.

Design Importer

Create an unlimited number of master 'template' sites, configured and ready to go that non-power users can import and use instantly. Simplify creating 'landing-page' or 'micro-sites' so that Marketing can quickly get new ideas to market or respond instantly to trending comments in Social Media. Imported micro-sites have fine grain controls built in so that non-power users cannot damage them and you retain overall control of the corporate image.

Creating Datacenters

You can host multiple websites, listen on multiple domains, copy whole sites, create your own templates and offer them to customers. Charge for hosting on a monthly, bandwith or page-hit basis. Accept payment by credit card. Each website is independent and has a complete clearString System.  
If you're running more than a handful of sites, you'll appreciate the facilities within the clearString system that take care of the admin side of your business. Designed to save you time (and reduce the need to employ more people) these functions take care of billing and revenue collection, along with more involved client management tasks, allowing you to concentrate on the creative aspects.


Become a SaaS Provider by offering Premium Web-hosting - Not just a 'bare bones service'. clearString provides a hosting environment for all your customers' websites.  SaaS - Software as a Service - means that you provide them with website hosting and complete Content management system delivered as a hosted service. The power of clearString means that you can offer clients the flexibility they need to reflect their changing business dynamics, whilst relieving them of the burden of hosting and software management.
High levels of security and tight user-controls within clearString make it simple to manage multiple independent customers on a single server.


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