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Application Building

Component based application builder software

Online database & Business website builder software components
clearString online database enables you to create your own business  applications without writing code or hand scripting by encapsulating 'chunks' of complex functionality into simple to configure 'components'.  Business development can be done easily and reliably by anyone: without having to write, and then debug, thousands of lines of program code 

clearString website builder software means you can 'de-skill' web production, business app development and maintenance without the restrictions of 'templates' or 'wizards'.  You can redeploy internal staff and be more competitive in your marketplace.

Increase the capacity of any sized IT department

Online database software to manage structure in your Business app development  Manage Structure

  • Website data and other content is managed separately from the site structure.

  • Global changes to the site look can be made without changing site content.

  • Changes to the site stucture automatically update navigation.

  • Multiple divisions, languages and product lines can be maintained with minimum effort.

Online database software to manage users in your Business app development  Manage Users

  • Integrated user management - Users and Users Groups with hierarchical controls.

  • User profile management is automated - logged on users can update their own profiles.

  • Register users with registration codes and automatically enroll them in User Groups.

  • Item by item permission controls - pages that a user does not have permission to see are hidden.

Online database software to manage content in your Business app development  Manage Content

  • Approval Controls provide full editorial control of changes to be made to any page on the website.

  • Workflow locking allows teams to work on the same site without the danger of overwriting 

  • In-place editing for simple pages via a full-featured 'wysiwyg' Text Editor.

  • Structured-content editing via input forms gives total control over content and display.

Online database software to manage data in your Business app development  Manage Data

  • Data input: Input Forms, Data Feeds, Multiple data types all with Standard or Secure Storage

  • Data structured on an exposed relational database: data queries, data joins & form links.

  • The Form-Query-View system allows multiple data-entry pages with tight display control

  • Email integration  provides Automatic form field embedding and Email on Event

Anyone who has used ‘Photoshop will be familiar with controls managed using dialog-boxes. 
clearString web application builder software works in a similar way, providing powerful functionality
at the click of a mouse.

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Anyone can create modern web or mobile applications and websites from the most simple web page, through custom e-commerce, scheduling applications, business intelligence apps, multi-lingual site versions, form submission automation, and much, much more.

Windows™ based for SMB Business use

Get your free permanent business website builder software Developer license now...By allowing tight control but with easy access, clearString online database and web application builder software makes it possible to leverage the skills of your existing workforce to develop your business app by eliminating the need to write raw-code and and run debug processes.  Business app development and website creation with what are otherwise difficult features is made easy by clearString. On premise installation to standard Windows machines for simple SMB management - no need to struggle with Linux.

Highly scaleable for Division and Enterprise use

clearString is highly scalable with sophisticated internal caching controls. Data import and live look-up components connect to existing data-stores on other systems. Business Process Management applications can be developed, exported, imported and shared between multiple sites. Fine-grain security and user permission controls enable powerful conditional work-flows to be created rapidly. Deep email integration enables highly efficient process automation.

Cloud-based or On-premise

clearString website builder software takes care of all the fiddly technical administration which you'd normally need a programmer or a hosting tech to handle. clearString is Microsoft Windows based, so you don't have to move to Linux. Your users and administrators do not have a learning curve, and you do not need to worry about Support or system reliability.

Website builder software for business app development without Outsourcing and Off-shoring

There is no need to engage external developers for business app development. clearString website builder software helps keep the creation cycle in-house so communication is optimized and costs and development time are reduced. Project managers and site developers can work together directly. 

Robust authoritative support 

Training and Support are available direct from our USA and UK locations. It is easy to get started, and clearString website builder software has the capability you need to bring custom business processes on line. The system is designed to allow quick transition from project-specification to deliverable application, without getting bogged down at the coding stage.

clearString business app development and website building is highly adaptable, and allow even deep changes to be made to data structures at any time.

Maintainable website and business app development into the future

All controls are accessed using easy to understand dialogs. This makes it possible to develop a business app to transfer almost any business processes to the web without getting held up with intricate coding, scripting and debugging.

clearString enables website creation and business app development that can easily be maintained into the future without reference to the individual designer who created the site. 

clearString Web App Builder Software for all your development needs.


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